Lab Space

Designed for Product Acceleration & Support

Our lab space offers the flexibility and affordability you need to bring your biotech/medtech project to life – and to market.  

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With over 7,000 square feet of affordable laboratory space available, BioInc enables you to quickly adapt your wet lab and office space to meet your project’s requirements.

As a member of BioInc, you’ll enjoy access to shared equipment and invaluable on-campus resources, in addition to a broad range of amenities perfectly suited for biotech/medtech start-ups and entrepreneurs.  

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  • Flexibility to expand office and lab space as a project develops
  • Shared access to advanced laboratory equipment and instrumentation
  • Wet labs, dry labs and offices to suit all project sizes
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  • Secure Wi-Fi and hardwired high-speed internet across every space
  • Nearby access to conference rooms
  • Close proximity to large auditorium with teleconferencing capabilities

BioInc provides a collaborative environment for emerging innovators to connect and interact with other members of biotech/medtech projects. This enables entrepreneurs and start-ups to explore ways to advance ideas, build like-minded networks and expand the vision behind a project.

Every tool you need to take your project to successful completion.

BioInc offers the latest in scientific instrumentation and health sciences-related equipment to support every stage of a project’s lifecycle. Furthermore, we offer access to other NYMC facilities and resources for more advanced research.

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